Multiculturalism in Education

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"There is no virtue like necessity."
Richard II, Act I, Scene 3

As Americans, we live in a democratic society. Our educational system, therefore must train citizens to participate as members of a society run on the ideals of democracy, or at least it should attempt this feat. In order to truly have a multicultural society, all cultures should participate in society. Please note that I did not suggest that all cultures should become one, nor that there should only be "one culture for America," but rather that all cultures should participate.

The purpose of this website is to provide a place to start, because some understanding of multiculturalism is imperative in America today. This site should help in your own investigation of multiculturalism as it pertains to educational foundations. The site includes philosophies of education, varied opinions of how multiculturalism fits into our society and how to integrate multicultural education into schools.

Begin your exploration with some theories of education and of multiculturalism in Theories. Then, go on to read about how some of these theories can be integrated in Giving It Meaning. Assessment explains why it is important to assess multiculturalism plus some help for writing assessment objectives. Lessons provides a starting point for classroom teachers with each lesson including information on assessment.  Lastly, a discussion area provides food for thought. 

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